Sunday, October 24, 2010

Julian, in his Sunday best!Josephine on her first day of public school!
Here's a video of Julian smiling (from a sideways view -sorry!). This was from about 3 weeks ago... he's smiling so much more readily now and "talking" a lot more!

Look how attentively Julian looks at Maureen when she talks to him! How sweet! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

OK - here's the rest of the pictures I wanted to put up here last night... things were working a lot faster this morning!

Just a FYI (if you haven't heard yet): We decided to put Josephine in public school. She had her first day this past Monday. Things are going well, so far! We're adjusting to the earlier mornings, earlier bedtimes and homework! It's taking Josephine some time to finish the homework, but I'm sure that, too, will take some adjusting... I have a picture of her "first day of school," which I'll put up here eventually! We'll continue public school through the end of 3rd grade, and then re-evaluate over the summer to see if we'll continue public school... Her teacher is real nice, and we've talked over the phone and have had plenty of e-mail correspondence. She said Josephine is working, participating, playing w/ the other children and overall, doing very well.

The following pictures are all from a month or more ago, but too good not to put up here! The pictures of the kids swimming all turned out good (thanks, Julius for taking good pictures!).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here are a couple older pictures from when Julian was born (taken from Julius's camera). I have a ton more to share... it's just late and it's taking forever to upload just one picture. I'll do more tomorrow, hopefully!