Thursday, April 4, 2013

We are taking a week off from school this week.  It was a much needed break!  We are enjoying every minute of it; I even got to take a couple naps so far!  

I have pictures from Christmas (2012) up until pictures taken just today... a few are from my cell phone camera (so the quality isn't the best) and the rest are from Michael's camera.  Enjoy!!!

Julian with a mohawk :)

Gingerbread house #1

CLEAN playroom/schoolroom

MESSY playroom/schoolroom!!!  It goes from clean to messy sometimes within 24 hours!!!

Gingerbread house #2

Gingerbread house #3  so... the plan was to make homemade gingerbread houses this year.  Didn't happen!!!  maybe next year.

Mardi Gras 2013

 Maureen lost her first tooth!!!

Julian was "helping" me make Valentine's cookies.

The dress Lucia is wearing is a dress my Dad bought for Josephine when she was a baby!

Veronica fell asleep in the van (she is seriously sleeping... I checked! )

St. Joseph's day altar last month... Where Josephine got the idea of the name "Lucia" last year when I was pregnant with Lucia!

Veronica sleeping in a strange way, again!!! I went to check on her (she was supposed to be having "alone/quiet time" in her room) and she fell asleep with the toys on her!

Easter Sunday morning at the river; it was very foggy!

More Mardi Gras pictures (sorry they're out of order...)

Veronica and Maureen made these signs (click on the image to read)

Lucia sucking on her toes

Maureen colored the whole chair with sidewalk chalk!  Thank goodness it washes away when it rains.

The zoo!!! so much fun with the kids!

  AND the aquarium!

Easter Sunday

Josephine put Lucia to sleep; she's such a good and experienced big sister!

 I took the training wheels off of Veronica's bike today... she's getting the hang of it!  She practiced without my help for like an hour and is anxious to get on her bike again tomorrow morning.

Maureen's new and treasured Barbie (she bought with her own hard-earned allowance and tooth-fair money)