Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here's the pictures from a little over a week ago at the Covington art walk and St. tammany Art Association juried art show... Michael didn't sell his painting in Baton Rouge, but that's OK... he's applied for a few more shows and 3 more jobs in the past week and a half, so maybe he'll get into more shows and possibly sell something then.

We haven't heard from MGCCC (Miss. gulf coast community college) yet, but we do know that the Dean (of ??) contacted one of Michael's references (she e-mailed Michael to let him know), which means he hasn't been weeded out in the selection process. Tomorrow makes two weeks since his interview; they told him they would let everyone know the results in two to three weeks. I'm so anxious I can't think of anything else! Oh well, I'm trying to be patient.

I've ordered and received most of Josephine's 3rd grade books, and also have done most of the planning necessary to get started...It looks like a pretty busy year for her! I may slow down the pace a bit w/ Josephine in a couple subjects if things get too hard, but we shall see!

I will be trying out Kindergarten phonics and math on Maureen... I'm 100% positive she'll do great with phonics (she knows all her letter sounds and is doing great with her "BOB" books), but math will be a trial run... after a couple months, if it's not working out I'll try again next year. She'll also have pre-K handwriting, health, safety lessons, religion, reading plus some of the Little Saints preschool program leftover from last year (which includes music, finger-plays, learning games, crafts and storytime).

Michael's painting is the one on the far right, titled "Trading homes for gasoline."

Monday, July 13, 2009

The previous post was from Thursday night: a reception and awards ceremony for the artists and for anyone else who wanted to spend $50.00 per ticket to get in...

Friday night was the free opening for the public... they estimated close to 8,000 people came to the show from the time they opened (6 PM) to closing (somewhere around 11 PM). There's a couple people interested in buying Michael's painting. I hope he sells it, to offset the cost of the frame!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael was in the "Art Melt," a juried art exhibition in Baton Rouge... It took place in the Brunner Gallery, in the Shaw Center for the Arts. Close to 600 artists entered the show, only about 70 pieces were chosen to be in the show. From those 70 pieces, 8 awards were given and Michael won two out of the 8 awards!!! He won an "honorable mention" (which he received a ribbon for) and the "Forum 35" award (which he received a trophy for). The Forum 35 is a non-profit art organization in Baton Rouge who organizes the show among many other events. With that award, he will be on all the posters and postcards next year, which will advertise for the 2010 "Art Melt." In addition, one of the three jurors contacted Michael on the side, wanting to see more of his art. She is a gallery owner in Baton Rouge; if she likes the rest of his art, she may hang some of Michael's work in her gallery.

I included pictures of the pieces that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes (which included cash prizes). Let's just say, I don't agree with the jurors' decisions! Art is very subjective, I suppose.

2nd place winner

3rd place winner

1st place winner - this picture actually doesn't do the work justice... I don't think it was deserving of 1st place, but an up-close photo would have shown the good drawing quality...

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this one... the artist used shredded US currency to make a collage of Obama. The photo of the eye is a close-up picture to show how tiny the pieces are. It must have taken the artist forever to finish this piece. He titled it "Dollars Not Change."

Michael and I had a great time together. We haven't had a "date" in a really long time! It was nice to dress up, have dinner and enjoy the art show all without kids!

Michael had another show earlier tonight in Covington. He didn't win any awards in this one, although it still looks good on a resume if you are even accepted into any kind of juried art exhibition. I have a lot of pictures from tonight, but I'll have to post them some other time... it's after midnight and I really need to get to bed!

Finally, Michael's interview at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College went well last wed.
They said it may take 2-3 weeks before they'll give him a call to let him know whether or not he has the job... talk about an excrutiating wait!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some exciting news: Michael got a call yesterday from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. An interview has been schedule for next week... I can hardly wait! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high... I know he may still not get the job, because I'm sure they're interviewing other people, too. I will of course post when I know anything.

Here are some lovely pictures, all taken from the professional photographer, Madeline :) She got some pretty good pictures!

She decided to play with bubbles and put some of the bubble soap/liquid on her head...

At the hotel in MS.

Josephine being silly.

Inside the moving truck... her pigtails look puffy and curly because they were in buns earlier in the day.