Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sleeping Lucia...  I love sleeping pictures of babies :)

Lucia in a baby outfit I've had since Josephine was a baby!

The following pictures are from the Teddy Bear Tea Party at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans:

Madeline being a great Aunt :)

Veronica playing hard at the park.

Julian being his usual quiet self... and hogging the tractor to himself almost all day!

Josephine hanging out with the other kids... they were trading Halloween candy!

Maureen also being quiet and to herself!

Granny talking with Lucia.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Here's a bunch of pictures from over the last few months!  Some were taken from cameras, nintendo DSI's and a few from my cell phone... so not all the pictures are the best quality, but I still wanted to share them!  

The backyard of Marie's house during Hurricane Issac

Lucia at one month old (i think!)

Sister love :)  They're both getting so big!

Lucia's first bath (sort of!  I kept on forgetting to get the really it's her fourth!)

Josephine has really taken to being a little Mommy :) She's an excellent help these days with Julian and Lucia.

Josephine on her 10th birthday!

Maureen's 7th birthday party   Also the same night as Halloween.

putting on halloween makeup

Maureen's yummy birthday cake; made by MeMe.  Maureen helped to decorate it, too :)

Maureen's birthday wouldn't be complete without getting a new Barbie doll!

Sleep Julian!

Cousin Lauren!

Cute little frog in Maureen's bug farm.

Julian loving his little sister

the tree that fell on the side of Marie's house... also from Hurricane Issac

Another backyard picture from Marie's backyard

I love this picture of them!

Oldest and youngest daughters; both playing dressup

Maureen (left) in her ballet class