Monday, January 28, 2008

I started teaching again today - it felt nice to do something other than cleaning/managing a home and taking care of kids! Of course, I love teaching, too. I started a new student today... he's very bright and learned fast, I look forward to working w/ him some more... I've been listening to classical music everyday while doing dishes lately, on Josephine's Strawberry shortcake CD player! I have so many CD's that have been collecting dust on them ever since I had Maureen - so I'm trying to play them again. I can at least LISTEN to music since I don't have the time to practice much anymore! One day, when we have some extra money and Michael is out of school, I will hire a babysitter to watch the kids once a day for at LEAST an hour so I can practice! I never thought I'd miss practicing so much - it was definitely a stress reliever and an emotional outlet. And I'm am determined to get a Doctorate degree in Music one day! Even if it's in Pedagogue and not Performance, I will do it!

Anyhow, last week was our first full week back with homeschooling. That's why I haven't posted in a while - it's taking me a few days to get back into our routine... We did some school at Michael's mom's house, but not much. We'll be doing school on Sat. for a while until we get caught up. Michael started school last week, too, along w/ doing some work study and a teaching assistantship. He's already loaded down w/ tons of schoolwork and stressed out! I remember those days clearly... The new (used) van's check engine light is on and the oil light keeps coming off and on... we're pretty sure it's the oxygen sensor and a fuel pump that needs to be replaced...

well, I'm gonna go... i'm trying to type and hold veronica at the same time - not an easy task w/ a squirmy, fussy baby. She took a late nap, so she's going to bed late tonight, I guess!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

We got back home last Friday. Nobody is sick - yeah! The van is running OK, although the check oil light has been going off and on... even though the oil and filter was changed right before coming back home. Michael changed the oil again w/ a different type of oil and it seems to be running better. We'll see...
I'm not writing much - I've spent the past hour going over a couple hundred pictures, trying to narrow them down, then making the image size smaller on all of them. Overall, the past month was a bit stressful with all the sicknesses and the situation w/ the van, but there were many great moments, too! I have to say, God was with us through it all. Things could have been a lot worse. I feel very blessed to have such a supportive family - we couldn't have done it without you all!

We had a wonderful Christmas day at Michael's parents' home, then going on to his Granny's house. We went to the park once w/ all the kids. We saw a large display of Christmas lights (for free!). Josephine went to her first Saints game - I especially love those pictures! Maureen's last iron check was 9.8 - it's amazing how fast it's going back up! Her last chest x-ray showed some fluid left in her right lung, but the Dr. said it's nothing to worry about so long as she's behaving normal, eating fine and has no fever. Veronica learned how to sit up on her own at the end of December. Veronica has fully recovered from RSV, as well - she's very lucky she didn't end up in the hospital like many babies do. Finally, the kids got to see a great show of fireworks from the front yard - I can't believe it's really 2008. All in all, it wasn't so bad!

Here's a TON of pictures. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Over a week ago, we left here to go visit my parents. We made it to Pensacola, FL, and stopped at a Walmart to get a thermometer for Maureen. She has fever, again. Michael insists we turn around and go back to his parents' home. So we do. On the way, our van starts making noises again. We barely make it to Singing Rivers Hospital in Pascagoula, MS (the van killed on us 5 times, and the noises coming from the engine are horrible). After 3-4 hours in the ER, we find out Maureen has pneumonia! She seems to be recovered from the pneumonia now... we will have a follow up appt. with a doctor on Monday...We get the van towed back to the city Michael's parents live in... We KNOW KT automotive ruined our engine (there was no tapping noises before they fixed the gasket, but there was afterwards). Michael changed the oil before we headed for FL, and the tapping noise went away...temporarily! KT automotive is already giving us trouble about owning up to their mistake... we're not sure what we're going to do about it. It will cost $7,000 to replace the engine...

A few days ago, we took Veronica to the doctor. She tested positive for RSV, which puts a lot of infants in the hospital, and oftentimes causes pneumonia. We have been very lucky and have not had to take her to the hospital... She has been doing breathing treatments w/ a nebulizer every 6 hours and is responding very well to the medicine. She'll be on that treatment for a week or two, until her symptoms are completely gone.

Despite all the bad luck, we have some very good luck. Michael's grandparents have a '98 Dodge Caravan they are giving us! Thank you, thank you, thank you Grandma Ruth and Paw Paw Julio! You are a God send!!! After we fix a few small things with it, we will be heading back home so Michael can get back to school! Also, Maureen's iron level is steadily rising. It was 6.5 a couple weeks ago (normal is 12) and the last time it was checked, it went up to 7.2. It's still very low, but we're happy the iron supplements are working! Once we get back to MS, we will be taking her to a hematologist to get more answers on what type of anemia she has and what is causing it...

Still no pictures - haven't had the time!