Monday, March 31, 2008

Well, the weather is awful right now - makes it hard to sleep! Bad thunderstorms... with flood warnings. Josephine and Maureen are sick, too, with fever, cough, and congestion. Veronica has a cough, but no fever (not yet anyway!). I've tried a few times to post a video of Veronica crawling, but it didn't work. Not sure why...

I have a new student tomorrow - a 6 yo girl. I always look forward to getting new students. My students are preparing for their recital in May. I'm having each student perform four pieces (at least two from memory) at a local retirement community center. Thank goodness it's not costing me a penny to use their space, so long as the residents can come and watch the recital.

Well, I'm off to bed. Don't have any pictures this time!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maureen's iron level is at 12 - yay! The Dr. said to stop giving her the iron and wants to see her back in one more month to see if her iron will stay the same or go down. Maureen and Veronica both weigh the same as last month, but Josephine gained weight; she's now 39 lbs.! I didn't think she'd ever reach 40 lbs.!

We took 5 pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses... Either someone wasn't looking, smiling, or was making a funny face! I thought this was the best out of all of them.

Michael took these pictures of Josephine being silly and then posing pretty for the last picture. They were all so cute, I couldn't pick just one!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All three girls have Dr. appts. tomorrow - mostly to check Maureen's iron, have a well check-up visit for Josephine and to get immunizations for Veronica. Will let you know how that goes!

Also, Veronica has been attempting to crawl over the past week and finally succeeded the past couple days! We took a video of it, but it's too big of a file to post. I'll video it again at a lower quality next time I get a chance and post it. She's also been pulling herself to standing and moving around some while holding on to the couch/coffee table.. She'll be 9 months old in a couple days - she seems to be reaching the physical milestones faster than Josephine and Maureen.
This is in the 9th ward... there is still a section of debris/trash leftover from hurricane Katrina. Michael took this picture of a "Fresh Market Produce" truck.

St. Joseph's Altar food at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. They were giving everything away, and Michael took the multi-colored cross on the right.

This is taken under the I-10 bridge, on Claiborne Ave.. Click on the picture to see more details in the paintings...

This carousel at City park is more than 100 years old - hand carved out of wood!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We went to Michael's parents' home last Thursday through Sunday and had a very nice visit. We spent an afternoon and evening in New Orleans (I have lots of pictures from "Storyland" and the amusement park in City Park that I'll post soon).

Life with three kids and homeschooling one makes life very busy... I don't know how homeschooling mothers of very large families do it! A lot of the homeschooling families here have many children; like 6-12 children! I have a small family compared to them...

Here's a very short little video of Josephine doing Tae Kwon Do...Click on the small triangle on the bottom left of what looks like a picture. She seems to really be enjoying her classes!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm not going to write much again today - just wanting to post all the pictures! I will write more soon - I hope, if I can get to it! The kids had a blast playing in the snow. It was fun, although I'm glad I don't have to live in it for weeks or months at a time! The snowman with a Saints blanket and Mardi Gras hat is facing the highway - many people are pointing and smiling at the snowman as they drive by. A couple people have taken pictures of it w/ their phone cameras!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wow - has it really been a week since I last posted?

I will have pictures next time I post... Well, Josephine started Tae Kwon Doe (spelling?) the other day. The past couple months she's been mentioning she wanted to do Karate... there are no Karate places here, but we found a Tae Kwon Do place... She had a private lesson w/ the teacher and will start w/ a group of kids this Wed. - will let you know how that goes then. She did really good and the teacher thinks she should go into the bigger kids class (age 6+). For March, I'll put her in the 3-5 yo class and then do the bigger kid class in April. She looks really cute in her uniform! I'll take a picture of her in it next time she's wearing it.

Some more exciting news for a mother of a two year old - Maureen used the potty for the first time today! It was a double whammy, too! (She did pee pee and poo poo in the same sitting!) Josephine was so excited for her, she couldn't wait for Maureen to put on some panties. We even did a potty dance/song for her (learned from Supernanny!). I will put her in panties tomorrow and we'll see how she does! I'm very excited at the thought of having only ONE child to change diapers for!

I also got Maureen a "pre-writing" wipe-off book and some wipe-off crayons (the same things I got for Josephine around the same age) and Maureen took to it right away! I told her it was her schoolwork (she often wants to do schoolwork, too, when I'm teaching Josephine) and she got very excited about it and said "Yes. MY cool-work!"