Monday, January 28, 2008

I started teaching again today - it felt nice to do something other than cleaning/managing a home and taking care of kids! Of course, I love teaching, too. I started a new student today... he's very bright and learned fast, I look forward to working w/ him some more... I've been listening to classical music everyday while doing dishes lately, on Josephine's Strawberry shortcake CD player! I have so many CD's that have been collecting dust on them ever since I had Maureen - so I'm trying to play them again. I can at least LISTEN to music since I don't have the time to practice much anymore! One day, when we have some extra money and Michael is out of school, I will hire a babysitter to watch the kids once a day for at LEAST an hour so I can practice! I never thought I'd miss practicing so much - it was definitely a stress reliever and an emotional outlet. And I'm am determined to get a Doctorate degree in Music one day! Even if it's in Pedagogue and not Performance, I will do it!

Anyhow, last week was our first full week back with homeschooling. That's why I haven't posted in a while - it's taking me a few days to get back into our routine... We did some school at Michael's mom's house, but not much. We'll be doing school on Sat. for a while until we get caught up. Michael started school last week, too, along w/ doing some work study and a teaching assistantship. He's already loaded down w/ tons of schoolwork and stressed out! I remember those days clearly... The new (used) van's check engine light is on and the oil light keeps coming off and on... we're pretty sure it's the oxygen sensor and a fuel pump that needs to be replaced...

well, I'm gonna go... i'm trying to type and hold veronica at the same time - not an easy task w/ a squirmy, fussy baby. She took a late nap, so she's going to bed late tonight, I guess!

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