Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Josephine's 2nd grade school books! I just realized I forgot to put up her Reading books... she has three Catholic "readers" that she'll read over the course of this next school year, plus other easy readers from the library every week. I'll also be supplementing History and Science with books I haven't purchased yet... We've already started math and I plan on starting everything else this Monday.

Maureen's "Little Saints" learning games nicely organized (finally!!!). See unorganized picture below :)
Maureen's books for preschool - I'll be spending about 30-45 min. (maybe more) with Maureen every day. Our main focus will be the "Little Saints" preschool program, "Who am I: Image of God series" (religion book) and "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" (the same reading program we used for Josephine.) We have video of Josephine reading at the age of three (a young three, too), thanks to this book!
These are the "Little Saints" learning games that I've been making over the summer. I haven't started the art projects yet! Those won't take long to prepare, so I'll be preparing those as I go along throughout the year...

Here are three pictures of Josephine's planned out and staged "Fashion show." She told me she's not smiling because "in fashion shows, you're not supposed to smile." She even gave me flowers to throw to her at the end of her show :)

Two times this past week, Veronica rested her head/body on Josephine, and fell asleep within a couple minutes!
This is a DAILY occurance! I pick up the books, and Veronica pulls them down! She still loves books more than anything else, even more than all her baby toys. She could be surrounded by baby toys and a book, and will choose the book over the toys!

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Really enjoyed the dancing - tell Michael he does ok too!! Love you. Mommie