Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well, here's a big round of pictures... all from about 3-4 weeks ago... I have plenty more that I'll be adding as I get around to it...

Well, life with four kids is hectic, which was to be expected, on top of Michael and I each having two PT jobs and homeschooling! We're slowly getting adjusted, and it is getting easier as Julian gets older.

Josephine is doing gymnastics, homeschool PE and PSR (parish schoool of religion). She's enjoying getting back to her activities after a long summer! Maureen is doing ballet, homeschool PE and PSR (this is her first year of PE and PSR - she was very excited about being able to do both of them!) And Veronica is doing gymnastics and LOVING it.

At Julian's last Dr.'s appt. (last week) he weight 11 lbs. 7 ounces. His extra fingers fell off quite some time ago and there's a small scar left. He was baptized a few weeks ago, too... I'll eventually get pictures of that up here.

Just from today, two funny things that Veronica said:

"Mommy, you have big pumpkins in your belly!" (I think she was talking about the handful of candy corn I had just eaten)

and (she'll probably hate me for this when she's older) after having a bowel movement in her froggy potty she said "Mommy, look! it's a happy-face poo poo!" I'll let you use your imagination for that one.

This is a baby turtle Michael found while going for a run... Josephine named it Lucy and we observed her for a few hours and then let it go.

Josephine being a good big sister. She's been a great help when it comes to me needing an extra hand with Julian... chores, on the other hand? not so much...

I don't remember what she just ate... either chocolate icing or chocolate pudding!

Julian was making kind of a funny face here... it was very sunny out when Josephine took the picture.
Julian's first bath!

Sleeping like a baby!
Maureen posing so cute! She's dressed and ready for her ballet class.

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