Friday, June 8, 2012

Well, it looks like I have a pace of posting about once every three months!  I guess that's better than not at all!  That means that maybe next time I'll be posting pictures of our new baby girl in a couple months! I'm 31 weeks and a few days pregnant; getting big and uncomfortable now.  I can't complain though; I know how soon she'll be here and I'll be trying to lose baby weight, again!

We're done with our core subjects for the year; we've moved on to really focusing on science and history.  I'm also making them do "PE" every morning; trying to get that outside playtime/exercise in earlier in the day before it gets too hot in the afternoon!  I make Josephine and Maureen read every day; and I read to Veronica and Julian every day (we've been doing the summer reading program at the library since Josephine was a baby!).  The girls also practice piano and do a little bit of music theory daily, too... the two older girls both want to participate in the Rally and Federation next year, so I've already started preparing them!  It's really "light" school days compared to what we normally do.  We're done by lunch time, so long as we start on time in the morning!  We'll continue this routine up until the new baby is born... we can't afford summer camps, so this helps keep us busy and their little brains from turning into mush.

For those of you who aren't Facebookers (or "friends" with Michael on FB), Michael is now the new full-time painting professor at Southeastern Louisiana University beginning this fall!  I can't tell you how happy we both are and how proud I am of him.  We have struggled for so many years; the last couple years have been better w/ him working at Delgado FT, and now to get a FT job at SLU is just even better!  We feel very blessed to finally be financially "stable!"  Not debt-free, mind you; but at least we can breathe easy knowing we can make our monthly bills!

I took Maureen, Veronica and Julian to the "water park" (basically with water fountain-like things that shoot up from the ground) while Josephine and Daddy were fishing.  It was fun... and hot!

Julian drooling over the tractor/bulldozer... whatever it is!  He loves ANYTHING with wheels.

In lake Ponchartrain.

A house Maureen built.

Jada!  This was taken back in December!
 Pictures w/ Grandma Champion and Lauren; also back in December, or early January (don't remember!)

Sassy little poses for the camera (as directed by josephine)

This is what happens when you have three older sisters... poor Julian!
 I couldn't resist these pajamas (from Old Navy).  Aren't they cute?

 Josephine's "first catch" from going fishing with Daddy :)

Some ducklings, maybe some goslings?? from when Maureen and I went to feed the ducks.

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