Saturday, October 27, 2007

Josephine dressed as St. Therese for the All Saints Party

Josephine drew the face on the pumpkin and Michael cut it out exactly how she drew it. The only thing Michael added were the eyebrows. She's so creative, just like her Daddy!

Finally, a picture of me where I don't look too sleep deprived! Ever since Josephine was born, I believe I look tired in all the pictures of myself.

Michael and the girls being silly and dancing to really loud music. They were all having a blast!

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Maureen's 2nd birthday! We put up most of the decorations tonight before bed, so when we get back from Church we'll celebrate w/ cake and presents. I got her a couple Little People toys and a Snap n' Style baby doll and bath - I hope she likes them! Little People toys were Josephine's favorite toys at this age, and Maureen seems to be following suit (one of the few things they share in common. They're pretty different from each other in several aspects!).

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