Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Man! I must try harder to do this more regularly! Veronica has been waking up a lot lately after I have put her down for the night... consequently, when I get her to go back to sleep, I end up going to sleep too! My time for checking my e-mail and posting on the blog is after kids are in bed...

Anyhow, I will try to keep this short. Hopefully Veronica won't wake up before I'm done! We had a wonderful visit with my parents - they came up to visit us for a few days. It was like a second Christmas - they brought us all of our gifts which we would have gotten at the end of Dec. if our van didn't break down. The kids are having a blast with their new toys.

Josephine is halfway finished w/ 1st grade - I can't believe it! She has made A's in all of her subjects in the 1st and 2nd quarter. I'm very proud of her. Her behavior isn't always an 'A', but we're working on it! She can be a real sweetheart when she wants to be! I have to constantly remind myself "she's only 5 years old!" ... she's so smart, but her maturity level/ attention span is quite normal!

Maureen is making her dolls go "night, night."

Veronica seems to like books, too - just like her two older sisters!

We read a poem by Robert L. Stevenson a few days ago, and the illustrations in the book showed a little girl having an old-fashioned tea party w/ her baby dolls. Josephine just had to set up her own tea party, just like the girl in the picture!

Fashionable little girls, aren't they?

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