Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maureen's iron level is at 12 - yay! The Dr. said to stop giving her the iron and wants to see her back in one more month to see if her iron will stay the same or go down. Maureen and Veronica both weigh the same as last month, but Josephine gained weight; she's now 39 lbs.! I didn't think she'd ever reach 40 lbs.!

We took 5 pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses... Either someone wasn't looking, smiling, or was making a funny face! I thought this was the best out of all of them.

Michael took these pictures of Josephine being silly and then posing pretty for the last picture. They were all so cute, I couldn't pick just one!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! The pic's are great! I need to get some more color ink to print them; is there a way I can get regular prints from them? I'm sure your sister can tell me. The chair is nice; pretty; I'm glad you can use it. Kathleen went into school for her student thing & couldn't do it b/c there was a substitute teacher there. Oh, well-she didn't seem to mind. I've been to my bible study this morning (instead of Mon. nite); the more you learn about our Faith from the Bible, the more you realize we are the ONE! It's all prefigured in the Old Testament - in black & white! I find it really exciting. We didn't come out of nowhere; it's all in the Bible. It tickles me to death b/c of the small churches who think they are the one, true, church - they have so much to learn! Anyway-will let you go for now. Have a great day. Give the Angels a hug and a kiss from us. Love you all. Mommie