Thursday, December 18, 2008

Helloooo! Well, it's been a long time. We've been in LA, visiting Michael's sister and niece who flew in from Arizona, and his parents, brother and youngest sister. We had a GREAT visit! I have tons of pictures to post... Thank goodness Jeanne and Julius took pictures, because I didn't take any (Michael had the camera when he went back to MS, while the girls and I were still in LA).

We plan on going back to LA on Tuesday through Thursday, then to visit my sister and brother-in-law on Friday (we're meeting in AL). So I'm sure I'll have a lot more pictures after the new year, too. My parents were also suppossed to meet in AL, but, as many of you already know, he's in the hospital with pneumonia and MRSA. He is improving, but the Doctors still don't know how much longer he'll be in the hospital. Please, keep my Dad in your prayers (my Mom, too).

SNOW!!!! In Southeast LA!!!!! CRAZY!!!!
I did NOT pack clothes for snowy weather, so some of the kids ended up putting socks on their hands... which got soaking wet after just a short time. The snow was great, but it was a very wet snow...

This is Granny's beautiful Christmas tree. Doesn't it look like something out of a magazine?

Veronica got her ears pierced....The lady who pierced her ears gave her a lollipop and is trying to make her feel comfortable...
This is after her left ear was already pierced and she's about to do her right ear... I asked Marie to hold her because I was nervous and shaky (literally, my hands were shaking!)... the lady said that happens alot.
All done!!!
She cried for a grand total of maybe 2-3 minutes, and was over it. She's had no problems since then, either! We tried convincing Maureen to get her ears pierced (BEFORE we did Veronica's, of course) and she didn't want anything to do with it!

I thought this was a great picture... all six children!

I think it's cute how Jada looks so concerned and has her arm around Maureen.

We managed to continue our schoolwork during our visit... Here, Josephine is taking a spelling test.
Maureen was trying to draw glasses on her face with a marker! I'm not quite sure why she looks so sad in the picture...

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