Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We made crowns a couple days ago... I cut it out, they decorated them with jewels... Maureen would not be still for even a second to take a picture! She was dancing to classical music, like she was a princess :) I managed to get this one, although it's a bit blurry from her movement and me trying to follow her around with the camera!
Josephine also really enjoyed decorating her crown, and had no problem posing for the camera :)

Last Saturday we got another letter turning Michael down for a job... Clark University in Worcester, MA. Oh well...

Moving right along... Onto some happier news, Michael's solo art show, opening night (not sure of the proper title for it!) went well. Here are a few pictures of the event:

Tonight was the last night of choir rehearsal... I enjoy playing for the rehearsals, although it's a bit of a hassle getting there on time with the kids, getting back home kind of late, only to hurry up and get ready for bed... This is also the last week of Josephine's PE. She's really enjoyed it...for the last 6 weeks, she's done an hour swim class every Monday and a traditional-style PE class every friday for an hour (it's a class made for homeschoolers, ages 5-12). I only paid $35.00 for the 6-week session (at a YMCA), which equalled out to be about $3.00 per hour class, with trained/certified teachers. I wonder how they can charge so little and pay their teachers a decent amount!

Anyway, wherever we move, I'll look up the local YMCA to see if they offer a similar class, because it's well worth it. I've noticed her appetite has been much bigger lately... it's either due to the extra physical activity or maybe she's going through a growth spurt.

With less "going" we'll have more time to focus on finishing up her school, packing and searching/ applying for more jobs. There are 5 more colleges Michael will be applying for soon... two in Kentucky, one in Indiana, one in Oklahoma, and one in North Carolina. We'll keep you posted!

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