Monday, March 30, 2009

I said I'd mention when we heard from any of the colleges Michael applied to... a couple days ago we received a letter from Texas State University... he was turned down. We were disappointed, but have prepared ourselves for any possibility and didn't let it bother us to much... 9 more colleges to go!

Well, today has been one of those days... although it has a happy ending.

Veronica wakes me up at 7:30, I go to use the bathroom and realize the toilet was clogged... move to our 2nd bathroom, it's clogged too! Michael fixed them both before he left for school, thank goodness!

10 minutes later, Veronica starts throwing up and continues to do so about every 15 minutes for the next 2 hours. In between throwing up, I manage to clean up the floors where she threw up, slowly managed to get myself and the kids dressed, and at least poured some cereal for breakfast. Veronica fell asleep, I finally got Josephine started on schoolwork by 10AM, and continued my day as normal...

Josephine had PE at 1:00 today, which meant we had to leave at 12:30 (it's a 30 minute drive). I had to shower before we left... put my glasses on the sink and showered really fast. Just before I'm done, Maureen tells me "Veronica has your glasses!" Veronica so sweetly hands them to me while I'm in the shower... one of the ear pieces was bent two ways - downward and out, each bend about a 45 degree angle!!!! I managed to carefully and slowly bend them back as good as I could (although they feel crooked on my face now), and proceeded to get myself and the kids ready. Of course, I didn't leave on time today, and went to PE late (I hate being late!).

The rest of the day was pretty normal... we went outside to play and Veronica and Maureen poured shovels of sand into each others' hair, and I changed quite a few of Veronica's diarrhea diapers (whatever made her throw up this morning must be still bothering her). I managed to finish up 7 out of 9 subjects with Josephine... Cooked some dinner that Veronica wouldn't touch and Maureen whined about (at least Josephine liked it!).

The highlight of the day: Michael had his "defense"today (where he has to defend his work and answer questions of 4 advisors and the president of the college for an hour)... At this college, if students don't do well in their "defense", they don't allow them to graduate that semester...

Anyway, by 10 PM he found out from one of the advisors that he passed!!! So at least we know he'll be graduating! So, that was a huge relief for both of us - it kind of made today's problems disappear :)

Days like today make our normal days seem much more peaceful, and much more appreciated!

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