Friday, May 15, 2009

We had a great time with Michael's family this past weekend! (fri.-Mon.) Michael's graduation was last saturday (the 9th). It was a nice ceremony, although the almost-constant drizzly rain was a bit of a nuisance! There were four "cameramen(and women)" in the family, taping Michael's graduation (Julius, Jarod, Madeline and Josephine). Unfortunately, i don't have any videos and/or pictures to post on the blog! I just went through Josephine's camera today, and she really didn't get any good pictures or videos. That's OK, I'll get some later, from somebody!

We're all very proud of Michael finishing graduate school. It was a tough 2 years, but you made it!
On behalf of Michael, thank you for all the cards and money... it is very much appreciated!

Yesterday was my last day of teaching my piano students here in MS :( I had a small, but terrific group of students. The recital was today - it went well, except for more sticking keys!
They all still did good, despite having to deal with the uncooperative piano. From various students I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a pretty porcelain magnolia flower, cards and money. It was a nice treat! Josephine performed today, too. She did well, although the sticking key tripped her up a bit (as it did most of the students, unfortunately). I thought about recording her playing the piano at home and posting a video. However, many of you have already heard her recital pieces via telephone, when she sucks you in to a conversation and then starts playing piano using the speaker phone.

SO... Michaels' done with school, Josephine's done with school (for the most part... we'll finish social studies and science over the summer), and I'm done teaching. If we didn't have to move, I don't know what I'd do with all the extra time! I've felt so stress-free this past week, it's amazing. Now we can focus on packing up and cleaning the house... and going to the zoo in Memphis a couple more times, too, before we move.

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