Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here's the pictures from a little over a week ago at the Covington art walk and St. tammany Art Association juried art show... Michael didn't sell his painting in Baton Rouge, but that's OK... he's applied for a few more shows and 3 more jobs in the past week and a half, so maybe he'll get into more shows and possibly sell something then.

We haven't heard from MGCCC (Miss. gulf coast community college) yet, but we do know that the Dean (of ??) contacted one of Michael's references (she e-mailed Michael to let him know), which means he hasn't been weeded out in the selection process. Tomorrow makes two weeks since his interview; they told him they would let everyone know the results in two to three weeks. I'm so anxious I can't think of anything else! Oh well, I'm trying to be patient.

I've ordered and received most of Josephine's 3rd grade books, and also have done most of the planning necessary to get started...It looks like a pretty busy year for her! I may slow down the pace a bit w/ Josephine in a couple subjects if things get too hard, but we shall see!

I will be trying out Kindergarten phonics and math on Maureen... I'm 100% positive she'll do great with phonics (she knows all her letter sounds and is doing great with her "BOB" books), but math will be a trial run... after a couple months, if it's not working out I'll try again next year. She'll also have pre-K handwriting, health, safety lessons, religion, reading plus some of the Little Saints preschool program leftover from last year (which includes music, finger-plays, learning games, crafts and storytime).

Michael's painting is the one on the far right, titled "Trading homes for gasoline."

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