Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, to be frank, Michael was not accepted for the job at MGCCC... to make it worse, he was SECOND pick! In other words, if their 1st pick didn't take the job for whatever reason, Michael would have had it. We found out last Saturday... it was very upsetting, but we're getting over it. Michael spoke to the Dean, who informed him that he had very high interview scores... and that they had a record number of people apply for that one position.

Unemployment sucks.

Anyway, we're slowly making plans to stick around here... I'll start teaching piano again, and Michael will continue to apply for adjunct faculty jobs locally. There's two more colleges in Colorado that we haven't heard back from, but we're not holding our breath. The college in South Dakota (which he was turned down for) had 150 applicants for the one art instructor position! 150! In South Dakota!

Here's two photos Josephine took of herself: so cute :)

MeMe bought all the girls some dresses from Belk... they're modeling some of them below. Belk had a 70% off sale - true bargains for some really nice dresses!
And finally, the grand prize winner: Really. Out of the three girls, I have to say this is the messiest baby/toddler eating picture I have! I was occupied with all the other kids playing a game, while the baby was right behind me eating pizza in the highchair. I turned around to discover a very messy Veronica!

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