Saturday, July 30, 2011

Here are some caterpillars in their almost-chrysalis stage. I'll take pictures once they've turned into butterflies.

I've been very busy planning schooling/other... one of the 'others' is chores. I made up "chorecards" for each child, for morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday only (extra morning chores). The backside of Veronica's and Maureens have pictures, to help them know what they need to do. Sunday's are everyone's day off for chores! (except for basic grooming needs, of course)

When they have completed a chore, they put them in their own can that they decorated.
We've only been doing my new chore system for three days, and so far it's going pretty well. I can't say it's been whine-free, but it's been a lot better than it ever has trying to get them to do chores. We all do each set of chores at the same time, so know one feels like they are the only one working...

Here's beds after the morning chores have been done. They're doing so good, I think!

The girls playing happily with the Littlest Pet Shop toys after I pulled them down... I still rotate toys. It's one of the best things I have ever done. With four children, we have tons of toys. By rotating their sets of toys, it has been much more managable to pick up and they get really excited every time we pull down something 'new' that they haven't seen in a few months. I have a list of what order things are pulled down so there is no argument.

I started taking the wallpaper down in the little girls' room about two weeks ago. It's been a very slow process. I procrastinate on working on it. It'll get done eventually, but I'm in no hurry!

Four generations of "The boys!"

Julian's first birthday party:

Maureen reading one of her BOB books. We have the first three sets. The first one she has mastered... the second one she can read pretty confidently. The third one we're still working on, she hasn't done all of them yet, but we're working on it! She's improved greatly over the summer since we signed her up for the summer reading program at the library.

A close-up of Josephine's dresser drawer handles:
This dresser was next to someone's trash pile, all white, but a very faded solid white. After asking the family who was throwing it away if I could take it (they were thrilled to let me take it) we brought it home and Michael painted it. I thought it turned out great! Josephine picked the colors. Michael needs to replace the bottom right 1 inch x 2 inch board to complete it, then it'll be perfect :)
My four beautiful children!!!

Playing in the rain.

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