Thursday, August 18, 2011

We officially began home-schooling this week. So far, so good. There have been plenty of bumps in the road, although that's to be expected. All in all, I'm FAR more prepared and planned than I ever have been, so things are generally going much smoother than they ever had, and in a few weeks, I'm sure things will be running even more smoothly once we've all gotten used to the new routine and schedule. Soon, we will add gymnastics for all 3 girls, karate for Josephine, and PE for the older two on top of it all. (Plus I still teach on monday and friday a handful of piano students). my next post will have pictures and more details about how our school days run.

The following pictures include a visit from my family, and our trip with my family to New Orleans. There are also pictures of the butterflies that finally came out of their cocoons!

The many personalities of Veronica:

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Jennifer said...

that last pic of Julian, is cool!!!!!(of Julian wearing uncle Billy's sunglasses!!!)