Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We went to the local health unit to get Veronica's vaccines today... she got three shots and one medicine she took orally. They weighed her and she weighs 17 lbs. and 6 oz.!!! She's 5 months and one week old. She's definitely bigger than Josephine and Maureen were at this age.

Yesterday, Josephine was talking about tummies, for some reason... she said "Maureen's tummy is bigger than Veronica's tummy, mine is bigger than Maureen's, Mommy's is bigger than mine, Daddy's is bigger than Mommy's, and God has the biggest tummy of all!" Michael and I just cracked up laughing.

Here's a cute picture of Maureen. She got her new bike today... will post pictures of that soon, too. This one came w/ a pretend baby carrier on the back of the bike to put baby dolls in. She had tons of fun putting her doll in and out of it, over and over again!

Go LSU!!!

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