Friday, November 30, 2007

Yesterday was a very long day! I left the house at 8:15 AM (that's really early for me to get out of the house w/ three kids!) to go to a doctor's appt. for Josephine and Maureen's well check-up. Josephine is 35 lbs. and 3'6" tall, and Maureen is 24 lbs. and 2'8" tall. They pricked Josephine's thumb and Maureen's toe (i thought that was weird!) and they both got a flu shot. they gave Josephine's shot in her skinny little arm (I thought they should've done it in her thigh or rear end) and Maureen's in her thigh. Yes, they both cried. All the while Veronica fusses in her stroller as I continually pop the pacifier back into her mouth... Josephine's iron was fine, but Maureen is still anemic, so they gave her a prescription for vitamins and sent her to get her blood drawn and tested to get more accurate readings... little did I know that that would require walking a marathon to find the admissions office in the hospital, waiting in line to get admitted into the hospital, getting admitted, waiting some more, FINALLY getting seen by a nurse who takes blood from Maureen's tiny little arm. It's not easy restraining your own child and holding her arm still knowing she's being pricked by a nasty needle! The nurse didn't get it right away, either, and had to move it around some before finding her vein... poor baby. To make things worse, the majority of the staff, nurses and doctor we saw weren't the friendliest people in the world either... Anyhow, we all had a LONG day! we got absolutely no school done. I'll be doing only necessary subjects tomorrow to make up for it!

Next week, the dentist. For Josephine and Maureen. Wish me luck!

Michael's last day of school is Dec. 7th! Hooray! We all look forward to him finishing this semester. He's been working like crazy and I'm very proud of him! I'll post some pictures of his finished works when he's done w/ school.

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