Sunday, May 11, 2008

I hope all you Mother's had a good Mother's day! Michael cooked a nice dinner for me (meatloaf, mac. n' cheese and mashed potatoes), complete with a heart-shaped cake. Before that, he watched all 3 kids for 2 hours while I went to Walmart. I only bought a few things that we needed and "window shopped" the rest of the time. I love browsing toys, baby stuff, kids' clothes and even looked at women's clothes. I had a nice time by myself!

I forgot to mention how much Veronica weighed at the last Dr.'s visit... she weighs 24 lbs. - only 3 pounds less than Maureen! She's a big girl! We even buy the same size diaper for both Maureen and Veronica - we've been doing that for the past couple months. She also got 3 shots... she's already over the effects from those.

Maureen does pretty well with her potty training- I'm not being consistent, though, in putting her in panties. She would do better if I were more consistent! ...she said something funny today, totally unrelated to potty training. She was telling Josephine and I that we have "chocolate hair," meaning that our hair is the color brown. I thought that was hilarious!

Here's a video of Maureen playing piano... high sounds, low sounds, middle sounds, and then playing two and three black keys. She's understanding a lot for only being 2 1/2 yo!

Here's a video of Josephine playing her recital pieces. The recital will be this Saturday!

Finally, here's a video of Veronica "reading" a book. Notice that she points at the pictures with her finger and makes a noise at the same time. (you may have to turn your volume up to hear it... she's not making a really loud noise...) She's actually been doing this for a while, I just now finally caught it on tape. She's also saying "uh oh" in the proper context...whenever she or someone else drops something, she says "uh oh." It's very cute.

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