Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just wanted to post something since it's been a week since my last one! Well, I took off this past week from homeschooling... We all needed a break (we didn't take an Easter or spring break). It was a nice week, enough of a breather that I'm ready to finish out Josephine's school year. We have 5 weeks to go (the last week is mostly testing). We got behind with our trip to LA last Dec. w/ all the illnesses and the van, ect...

My students had a rehearsal this morning. They all did pretty good. I was very impressed w/ Josephine - she played really well, and then sat still and quiet while listening to the other students. I was worried she'd get fidgety or bored watching the rest of the students play... anyway, next week will be the recital for my students.

I have a couple pictures, but will have to upload them some other time. I'm going to go to bed earlier than normal tonight... Veronica didn't let me sleep much last night.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the pictures; looks like Miss Josephine has measles on the one arm! Loved the pic with all of you - did you get someone to snap it or was it one of those time delay things? Maybe we could check out the museum the next time we're up that way. Looks nice. Guess I'll go - timeto go to bed. Love you all. I'll be at church most of Monday morning - doing a funeral; it's scheduled for 10, so I have to be there at 9 to get every thing ready. They usually last about an hr and then there's the "clean up." Puttingeverything away, etc. Will prob talk to you sometime tomorrow. Bye for now! Mommie