Friday, May 30, 2008

Notice anything a little peculiar in this picture??? The clothes look a little funny, at least on Josephine anyway!! Josephine and Maureen were playing "baby." So Josephine had the idea to dress them up in baby clothes. REAL baby clothes. As in Veronica's baby clothes! So Josephine and Maureen, who wear size 5T and 2T, squeezed into Veronica's 12 month size clothes! They're both skinny enough, even the pants fit in the waist!

This picture is actually from a couple weeks ago, I just forgot to post it... this puzzle has 100 pieces, and Josephine did a good portion of it on her own. I helped her, of course, but she was still very proud that we finished such a big puzzle!

We will be going to the Pink Palace tomorrow - it's a group of museums, or something like that! There's a museum, nature center, imax theatre, planetarium, and a couple other things, all in one place. I managed to get a free trial membership for the whole family for June and July! So we'll be going at absolutely no cost! I'm sure I'll have good pictures to post from that visit tomorrow or the next day...

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