Monday, June 9, 2008

Michael took the kids to the park a couple days ago. He took a lot of good pictures while he was there.
Veronica is walking better now. She's still pretty wobbly, but another week or so and she'll be a pro at it. We took a video of it - I'll upload it next time I post...

This time, Josephine crawled in bed with Maureen! They take turns now sleeping in each others' beds, sometimes solo, sometimes with one another.

Black widow spider!!! On my kitchen floor!!!

I measured the square in the lanolium (shown in the picture at the top-right) and it's 1 inch long... the spider seems to be about twice the length of the square (counting it's leg-span) making it about 2 inches long!

This is our last week of Josephine's school! She'll officially be done w/ all her 1st grade subjects, except for math, which will take us another 2 weeks... it will be like a "walk in the park" to do only one subject per day, though. Josephine will be finished with religion, spelling, english, handwriting, reading, phonics, history & science after this friday. Yay!!!

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