Thursday, June 26, 2008

Veronica's 1st birthday was last saturday, June 21st. We had a simple, but great family celebration with cake and presents. We bought her a set of musical instruments, and with money from grandparents we bought her some board books and Fridge Phonics by Leap frog (Thank you grandparents!!!). I actually had to FORCE her to take a taste of cake! She spit it out, can you believe it?! she didn't want anything to do with the cake after that! She seemed to enjoy the excitement of the kids, all the attention and of course, some new toys to play with.

I took her to the doctor last tuesday for her 1 year check-up. She's 22 lbs, 29 inches and healthy. Her iron is back to normal, but the doctor said to continue giving her the iron supplement to build up her iron stores. Poor baby also got 5 shots! She's already recovered from those...

Here's a lot of pictures, a couple from Veronica's Birthday and some others.

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rotoblake said...

Ive never seen such a beautiful family,you have both done an awesome job,am proud to say you are one of mine,Love ya,Terry