Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Maureen looks tired in both these pictures... she's been sick the past couple days (no fever, though) w/ a stuffy nose, congestion and coughing. Michael seems to have it now - no fun when you're in school!

Maureen was very happy, though, to have a turn holding Veronica.

I went grocery shopping at Walmart today and passed by some summer dresses on sale for $1.00!!!! Even though it's fall, I just had to buy one for Maureen (it should still fit for the Spring/Summer of 2008). She is wearing it in this picture... It has some pretty flower embroidery around the neckline of the dress. Too bad they didn't have any in Josephine's or Veronica's sizes!

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PawPaw said...

Absolutely love the pictures and being able to see everyone through your blog. Check it almost daily, give a big hug and kiss to the kids for me! ... PawPaw and Mimi