Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Success, all around!

Josephine and Maureen were asleep by 8:45 (that's good for me!) and Veronica was asleep by 9:00. I'm so glad they're all in bed earlier than normal. I think the time change is helping out, too!
Having half the toys available definitely helped out today! Clean up throughout the day was MUCH easier and faster. Maureen and Josephine even helped out more than usual - I think it may have been just as overwhelming for them, too, to have so many toys to pick up. Maureen actually picked up two things today, ON HER OWN, without me asking her too! She picked up an alphabet train puzzle and the wooden blocks! I have a feeling she will be a more cooperative child when it comes to keeping clean and staying organized! Josephine is very much like Michael in terms of organization and picking up after herself, although there are times where she does a better job than Michael does :)
Here's a picture of the LFGC. I never asked the other moms if I could post a picture online of their girls, so I put a green blob over their faces. I don't think the other moms would really care, but I'm erring on the cautious side. They focused on St. Monica and the virtue of Hope on that meeting and I've included a picture of the craft Josephine finished.

Maureen playing with wooden blocks that Michael made a couple years ago...

Josephine working studiously on her spelling!

Maureen has been waking up during the night the past couple of nights and waking up too early in the morning. Today, while I was fixing her lunch, she fell asleep on the floor! If you click on this picture to see a larger size, take a look at those long, beautiful eyelashes!

Here's a picture of my Sleeping Beauty #3. notice the bib - she drools SO much, much more than Josephine or Maureen ever did! She pretty much wears a bib all day now - I go through about 3 or 4 of them a day.
Good night! I'm going to fold at least one basket of clothes and go to bed!

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