Friday, September 12, 2008

Here are a few arts and crafts we've done so far this year... the ideas come from Maureen's preschool book, and oftentimes I'll let Josephine do the same craft Maureen is doing.

Two times in this past week, Veronica fell asleep while watching a Baby Einstein video with Maureen!

I had to take a picture of my new clothes and post it... For a grand total of $18.00 I bought all that you see (11 shirts, 2 jackets for Josephine, 2 pants, 2 capri pants, 1 pair of Stride Rite shoes) AND three maternity shirts and one pair of maternity pants (I'm NOT pregnant, I just bought them because they were so cheap and I know I'll be pregnant again someday after Michael is done with school). I went to 2 different thrifts stores originally looking for jackets for the kids, and browsed the woman's section and found tons of clothes that I liked and fit me! Some of the clothing brands are Gap, Old Navy, Anne Taylor loft, and Cherokee... out of curiosity, I checked out a single pair of brand new Stride Rite shoes on the internet, and for girls' shoes, they ran anywhere from $36.00 to $52.00!

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