Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's some more of Maureen's crafts. She's doing great with her preschool - she's retained the letter sounds that she's learned, and is learning some of the lowercase letters, too. She is also doing well with the little bit of religion that we do -she's becoming more aware of who God, Jesus and Mary are, even at her young age! She participates in prayers, and says the Sign of the Cross, and even reminds me sometimes, if I forget to say Grace before meals.

I've limited the amount of work I'm doing w/ her... I am very consistent about doing the "Little Saints" preschool program (which includes a LOT of me reading library books to her, crafts, singing songs and learning games), and pretty consistent about doing a page or two a week in her religion book and "Teach your child to read in a 100 easy lessons." All the other books I had planned on doing with her happen only when time and her attention span allows. I'm not pushing it with her! Whatever doesn't get used this year, it'll get used next year when she's older (in Pre-Kindergarten). My approach is much different with her than Josephine, and I can totally see a difference w/ her cooperation level AND how much she enjoys doing her "schoolwork"... I think she also sees me doing schoolwork with Josephine all the time and just wants to do the same thing as her big sister. On another note... Maureen is doing FANTASTIC with her potty training. I had tried potty training her a couple times off and on over the past few months, and after a couple days went back to diapers. It's a done deal, this time. Since we've started this final attempt, she's had no more than 5 accidents. I'm so thrilled!

Veronica (almost 16 mo) also continues to amaze me with how much she learns just about every day! She's a sponge for information. She's learned how to say so many new words and new sign language over the past few weeks, it's too much to list anymore! She has even learned to recognize and say a couple uppercase letters of the alphabet - A & B! She knows and can say the names and corresponding sounds of many animals... the cutest one is when she says "Bear.... ARRRR." She kind of sounds like a pirate, though she's just trying to growl like a bear. She knows and can say parts of your face: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, chin, ears, hair... and continues to favor "reading" books, in her spare time, over playing with toys :) She's been a bit fussy the past week or so... she has 4 molars coming in all at once. I'll be glad when they're finally in, so she can have more options when it comes to mealtime!

I've run out of steam to write any more! I'll write a detailed post about Josephine next time!

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