Friday, October 31, 2008

Josephine and Maureen both dressed up as princesses (again!) and I dressed Veronica up as a fairy :)

For whatever reason, Maureen didn't want her picture taken, hence the pouting face :(
Michael's first bowl on his very own pottery wheel. He was proud... it's not as easy to do it with a kick wheel as it is the electronic ones.

Some of Michael's paintings in his studio at school.
Pumpkin carving time!

Maureen has begged us for a "Blues Clues" cake since Josephine had her birthday last month. So we got one from Walmart, and she was very excited to have the kind of cake she wanted. She eats cake like I used to do - basically, eat the frosting only!
Michael loves this picture of Maureen (me too!).

I can't believe she's really three years old! I forgot to mention a couple cute things she said lately... she woke up from a nap once and said she was "squeezing herself real hard" meaning she was stretching long and hard. Another day, she was eating raviolis and said "there are pillows in my bowl!" I remember watching a show called "Kids say the darndest things" with Bill Cosby... there are times when I think she could have been on that show!
The balloons cost a grand total of $5.00 - thanks to the local dollar store! They have a great selection of balloons for HALF or less than half the cost as a party supply store. We didn't have any pictures of her opening her presents, we did a "fine" quality video instead. We got her a Disney magic wand horse (that walks, whinnies, bows his head and twirls his tail) and a "Snap n' Style" fisherprice princess doll. My parents got her a Disney Sleeping Beauty doll w/ magic fairies- the doll lights up and plays music (Thank you!). Josephine and Maureen have been playing w/ the Disney toys almost nonstop since last week! Even Veronica loves to play with them, when she gets a chance.

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Anonymous said...

Who is the little doll in glasses?? What a classy kid! Can't wait to see her (and all of you!) next month; I'd like to hop in the car and run up right now! Really miss you guys~ Love you all. Congratulate Michael on his successful sales! I know how happy you must be. Mom