Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's a few pictures of my parents, sister, Uncle Mike, Veronica and I, and Rooster (Kathleen's horse) of course!

This was from early February, I think, maybe January... it was taken around the time that northern Tenn., Arkansas and other states were having serious ice storms. It was pretty cold at our house, enough to make icicles from our rooftops and these weird looking icicles on our bushes.
Maureen pretending to be pregnant! She stuffed a baby doll underneath her shirt and said she had a baby in her belly :) How cute!
Mardi gras time in New Orleans!!!

I guess you could call this a Mardi gras tree. click on the picture to see it close-up - there are TONS of beads stuck in the tree when people on the floats didn't aim so well at the people on the ground.

This is a BB gun, don't be alarmed! She has pretty good form for a six year old, kind of scary! Michael gave her some small targets at about 10 yards away, and he said she hit the targets pretty accurately.

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