Monday, March 23, 2009

I had my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago. It wasn't as painful as I anticipated, but it was still painful. My top two teeth were pulled, while the bottom two had to be surgically removed. Today is the first day I've gone without any kind of pain medicine, and I'm not one for taking medicine unless it's absolutely necessary.

Overall, things are going well. The most exciting thing, of course, is that Michael is graduating this semester! His graduation ceremony is on May 9th (for those of you who might be able to come). He's been working very hard, and we're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our biggest worry is that Michael may not get a job for the fall... we hope that is not the case, although we haven't heard from any of the 10 colleges that Michael applied to. I hope we find out soon - it's driving me nuts not knowing what we're going to do once he's graduated.. Every time I check the mail, I get excited, hoping it will be a letter asking Michael for an interview. As soon as I hear from any college, I'll post it.

Josephine is on week 29 (out of 36) of 2nd grade. I'm also very excited that we're almost done with homeschooling for the year... just recently, we got a couple books on Harriet Tubman, and she read one of the books (8 chapters of an easy-reader, 50 pages long) in two days. I was amazed. She was really interested in it, too! We also got an educational DVD on Harriet Tubman, too, which she enjoyed.

Maureen continues to do good with her preschool. There are days when we don't do any kind of structured learning (or unstructured, for that matter!). the preschool program i use recommends three days a week, so that's my weekly goal. She's on lesson 24 of her reading book, and I just recently bought three games from "hooked on phonics," geared towards ages 3-6. They came in the mail today, and all three of them enjoyed the games (of course Veronica was just playing them in her own baby-way).

Finally, below are two pictures of crawfish holes that Michael took last time he was in LA. the last one, which Michael painted, was accepted into the "31st Annual Small Works Exhibition" at Harper College in Palatine, IL (which is near Chicago). Out of the 586 works that were entered, only 26 were picked for this exhibition. We were both thrilled, of course! The opening is on March 30 and is available for viewing afterwards for almost a month.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - Glad you enjoyed the e-mail about kids and subsequent kids! All mostly very true! What kind of sewing machine do you have? The dress is really cute; four buttons - wow! Seriously, I wish I could sew like that. I vaguely remember going for sewing classes and doing it with the instructor right there to show you practically every step to take, but I never got the knack for doing it on my own. Enjoyed Josephine's call the other day! Will have to figure a way to see you all within the next month or two - haven't seen them in approx 9 months - way too long! Enjoyed all the pictures - thanks. Talk to you later, no doubt - love you all. Mom