Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maureen had her Dr.'s appt. today - it was a different doctor from the one she saw back in November... I love the new doctor, the staff and the office - everyone was nice, the doctor was very friendly to the kids and I, and the waiting room & individual patient's rooms were clean and very "kid friendly." Maureen's iron is up to 10.7 (normal is 11+). I was SOOO happy to hear that! The doctor said to continue the iron supplement for 2-4 more months and he wanted her to come back in another month to check her iron level again. He also recommended that I make an appt. for Josephine to make sure she's up to date on all of her immunizations and just to get a well-check up. I took Josephine and Maureen for their well-check up at the end of last year, but I don't completely trust the other doctor they saw, so I don't mind doing it all over again! Maureen weighs 27 1/2 lbs. (up from 24 lbs. in Dec./Jan.), Veronica weighs 21 lbs., and Josephine weighs 37 lbs.! I didn't think Josephine would ever make it past 30-33 lbs.!

Well, I have no pictures for today. Maybe in a couple days. I'm off to fold some laundry!

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