Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She's just learned how to go from a sitting position to a crawling position. She pretty much stays put once she gets on all fours, but I'm sure she's not far from figuring out how to crawl!
Her other bottom, front tooth came through the gums a few days ago, too. So now she has two teeth!

I was able to snap a picture of Maureen's first smiley face (in yellow chalk). She was so proud of herself (so was I!). She also drew her first letter - an uppercase 'T' - after me showing her how to do it just one time!

Josephine and Maureen posing next to their beautiful pictures :) Maureen's 'T' is the light pink line going straight down (passed the right side of Josephine's drawing) w/ a couple lines going accross the top. I thought that was pretty good for a 2 year old! Oh - she has a Doctor's appt. on Thurs. - she will get her blood iron level checked then. I will post the results after Thurs. when I get a chance.
She's pulling herself up onto her knees, sometimes using the TV, the coffee table, her crib or the side of the bathtub (when she's trying to watch Josephine and Maureen take their baths).

Josephine BEGGED me for the pink poodle/dog stuffed animal when we were at Walmart a couple weeks ago. After telling her "no" about 50 times, I finally had to take it from her and put it back on the shelf. Anyhow, she was very happy to get it on Valentine's day!

Josephine and Maureen each got a card, candy and a stuffed animal (2 small ones for Josephine, and an obviously large one for Maureen).

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