Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello all! I won't write much, I need to go to bed!

We had a wonderful visit from my parents this past weekend. My Mom's birthday was yesterday, and my Dad's is today, so we celebrated yesterday w/ Memphis barbecue ribs, birthday cake and ice cream. The kids, especially, had a good time decorating and celebrating their grandparents' birthdays!

Here are a few pictures... My parents bought me a rocker recliner (hooray!!!), and wanted to take a picture of it. The kids had a good time playing w/ the box it came in. I even got in it w/ the girls for a little bit - it was fun for me too! I have already rocked Veronica to sleep in it twice today, and rocked all three girls simultaneously, too - which is nice! It's very comfortable, and will get plenty of use!

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