Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted! Time flies w/ three kids! Well, Veronica and Maureen had a doctor's appt. last week to check on their iron levels. Maureen's iron level has stayed normal even without continuing an iron supplement (yay!) Veronica's is still a LITTLE bit low... she didn't take the iron medicine well, so we're trying a different kind that our insurance does not cover (the same kind Maureen took when we were in LA). Veronica had an ear infection, which has already improved with antibiotics (still a few more days left of giving it to her, though)...

Veronica is starting to stand up on her own! Just a few days ago, she was standing while holding on to me. She let go without realizing it, and after standing alone on her own for a couple of seconds she realized what just happened and she got a bit startled and excited. She tried it like 10 more times after that! Ever since then, she tries standing on her own multiple times every day and is improving quickly! It won't be long and I'll have three little rugrats running around the house.

The flower pot idea is working OK - it's helping... it worked like magic the first couple days, but the magic has worn off already. I am really struggling to get Josephine to listen the first time to a request of mine... It's very frustrating. Maureen listens better than Josephine does sometimes! I shouldn't compare, I know, but just can't help it! Today was a particularly difficult day w/ Josephine... She ended up with zero flowers by the end of the day. A couple days ago, she had 15 flowers by the end of the day! Oh well... I suppose they have bad days just like we do. Well, I'm off to fold clothes, like normal, then head to bed!

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