Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here's a cute picture of Maureen dressed in one of Josephine's old ballet costumes. Maybe she can do ballet when she turns 3?? I'd like her to do something when she's 3, either ballet or gymnastics. We'll see...

Here's a video right after Maureen pee peed on the potty. What was really great about this was that said she wanted to go without me asking her. I think we're not far from taking the diapers away completely! She's doing so well! For some reason, just minutes before she went, she decided to take off all her clothes. And then took off her diaper to go to the bathroom, therefore, was completely naked, so I just quickly threw a towel around her. I didn't want to get her dressed and then do a dance + candy - that would be too long after the moment for a two year old!

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