Saturday, April 19, 2008

I made these flowers out of construction paper and Josephine decided to put a whole bunch in her hair! We put leaves on all of them and put them in a flower pot made out of an empty vegetable can covered w/ construction paper. This is an idea I got to try and get the girls to listen better... Each can says "Maureen (or) Josephine is a good listener." We will start off each morning w/ an empty flower pot. If they listen the FIRST time to a request of mine or Michael's, they get a flower in the pot. If they don't listen to a request the first time, a flower gets taken out of the pot. At the end of the day (right after dinner) if their flower pot is full (15 flowers per girl) they can get a treat, like candy or I told Josephine she can get a quarter, and I explained to her 4 quarters = a dollar, and she got really excited. ANYHOW, after explaining it to them, I said "OK, let's practice today and tomorrow we'll start it for real." It worked like magic!!! I was so thrilled. Even Maureen got it after a few times of watching Josephine earn her flowers. We've been struggling w/ getting Josephine to listen for a while now... she's a good girl, but very strong willed and not the best listener... but her face lit up every time she earned a flower and even asked me "Mama, ask me to do something else so I can listen the first time and get another flower!" They both had their pots filled by bedtime! I hope this works for a long time!

Veronica finds her way to the piano at least once a day!

Maureen had cucumbers and ranch dressing w/ her lunch. She took one bite out of each cucumber and then neatly lined them up, w/ the bitten off part of the cucumber all facing the same direction! I thought that was so funny :)

Both Josephine and I got our hair cut today, by a famous hairstylist, Michael Aldana. He did a terrific job on both of us! I'll post pictures soon. I was anxious to get mine cut, it was getting too long for me... he cut off a good 5 inches - I really like the length that it is now... not too long and not too short! He's cut Josephine's before... but not mine. He did such a good job, though, I'll let him cut mine from now on. It will save us lots of money!

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Anonymous said...

Hi-I like that Veronica makes it to the piano at least once a day! and what is with Maureen, lining her cucumber's up like that!! I've seen the pic's before, but just haven't taken the minute it would require to respond. We love them all (the pictures). Kids, too, of course! I've been so sick this past 8 days now, all I've done is lay around, moan & groan (and cough, sneeze, blow the nose, etc). I know your poor father is sick of listening to it. I'm still really stuffy, but I definitely feel much better. I did have to skip choir last Sun., Tues. practice, and again today; I'm hoping I can make it by this Tues. I know you must all be getting excited about the end of the 1st year; just doesn't seem possible! Michael will soon be breathing a BIG sigh of relief, I know. Well, I'll go for now; have a nice day. Love you all. Mommie