Saturday, April 5, 2008

I haven't taken any pictures lately, so still none to show! Josephine is finished with her third quarter of first grade - I hope to be completely done by the first week in June, a couple weeks later than I was planning on, but oh well! She's doing really well in all her subjects. I can't say her behavior is the best, but it's getting better slowly as she gets older.

All of the girls are doing better - FINALLY. It was an entire week of sickness, for all three of them. Today was the first day no one had a fever. They're all still coughing and sniffling, and Veronica is still pretty congested, but it's not so bad anymore. And the rain finally stopped today, too! We went to a little park today, and it felt so nice to get outdoors and let the kids play. I'll be happy when the weather warms up a bit more.

Michael has 4/5 weeks left of school (i think). I'll be glad when he's done w/ this semester. He's been working hard. I like most of his new stuff; he's gone back to painting figures again. I'll post pictures eventually, of his new stuff - probably after this semester is over. Then he'll be halfway through graduate school - hooray!

I look forward to seeing my parents soon - they'll be coming to visit this Friday and stay for a couple days. Josephine is very excited, too - we have it marked on her Math "meeting book" calendar, and she reminds me about it every time we do math. I'm sure we'll have some good pictures with the kids and my parents to post then... I'm off to fold more laundry - it seems to be my nightly ritual these days!

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