Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello all - I have a bit of pictures to share, but still need to pick and downsize them before posting... so it'll be tomorrow or the next day for some new pictures.

I enjoy looking at other peoples' blogs, especially other homeschooling families... I was curious about an old student (from LA) and his family who homeschooled. I remember the student's Mom was like my role model! She was organized and had a routine, but was also relaxed and knew when to be flexible with her schedule... she was a very devout Catholic and had 5 beautiful, well-behaved, smart children. I loved teaching her son (who practiced regularly, always followed my directions, and played very well) and enjoyed observing her oldest teenage daughter work in the same music school I worked in (she taught music theory)- she was living proof that homeschooled kids adjust just fine in the "real world." She was well-spoken, mature, organized, had great "people" skills with the parents and answering the phones, etc.... Anyhow, I'm kind of going on a bit too much, here... I looked up their name to see if they had a blog I could peek at from time to time. I didn't find one, but I did find a couple articles (from last year) written about their family. I posted a link on the top-left, labeled "Schooling at home gaining popularity." I know I just recently posted another homeschool article, but I can't help it with this one!

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Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures; it was so nice having you here. Cannot wait to see you all again. Josephine sounds so "grownup" on the phone! So now the debate is - do Kathleen and I come over in April, or wait until Michael's graduation in May, - or come over the end of May to help you move??? Eventually these big decisions will get made! I'd really like to come in April but I don't know if I could leave your father alone that long. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. It's breathtakingly beautiful here today. Just perfect. I'm going on the annual Carmelite retreat Friday afternoon through Sunday. Not sure yet if I'm coming home Fri & Sat nite or not. It's 49 miles and takes approx one hour; some of the sessions run until bedtime but I may just leave a bit early and come home. Still not sure. Anyway, thanks for the pictures; they're really nice. Mine came out pretty good, too. Need to get some duplicates to send to your g/mother. Bye for now. Love you all.