Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last week, Maureen's "schoolwork" focused on shapes... we did plenty of "learning games," some of which included taping shapes on the floor and doing patterns on the felt board. Even though my intention is to teach Maureen, Josephine and Veronica are right there next to us, begging to be included :) Of course, I let them join in on the fun. Veronica has, in the process, learned to recognize and say the names of several shapes, too! They all had a blast with the shapes (made with tape) on the floor - you would have thought I took them to an amusement park and gave them cotton candy or something!

Last week, Michael took Josephine and Maureen to his studio to paint. He bought them each two canvases to paint on, and they had a great time with Michael. Michael said Maureen wouldn't smile for the camera because they were about to leave the studio, and she wasn't happy about that!

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Anonymous said...

Hi - Somehow I had missed the pictures of Michael's crawfish painting (or is it crayfish?), also the Mardi Gras ones and the one with "pregnant" Maureen and Josephine shooting the bbgun.Anyway, they're all great. Glad you are all recovered from the flu or whatever it was you all had. It's absolutely gorgeous here today. Your father is getting better and better (back to his old cranky self!). I had choir practice tues & wed. this wk, as we're singing vespers at St. Joan of Ark Church this Sun evening (a combined choir type of thing). That's the group that went to Rome with us last year. I guess we're having laminate flooring put down in the living rm and front bedroom next week. The rug is really a mess. It was cheap carpet and has been cleaned several times and is really worn out. Can't afford to do the other 3 br's right now. Maybe later. They don't get as much wear and tear as the other 2 rms, so don't look quite as bad. My gyn dr is doing some sort of presentation tonite on women's health issues so I thought I'd go - should be interesting. Got to go - talk to you later. Love you. Mom