Monday, January 12, 2009

Isn't the beret so cute on her? This picture was taken using Josephine's camera... Michael took a picture of Josephine using her camera on the tripod, and she looked like a young "professional" photographer :) it was cute... I'll eventually post that picture.
Rocking for a few minutes before naps.
Veronica and Maureen playing with "Tadoodles" markers.
Maureen wrote this about a month ago... I was impressed for a couple reasons: not only did she write the letters "m," "a," and "o," well for being only three years old, but she did a repeating pattern over and over with the same three letters, and (for the most part) kept the letters in a fairly neat column! She told me what letters meant (in her little mind, it all said a sentence or two) but I don't remember! I'll have to ask her again and see if she remembers.
You're probably wondering why I'm posting a picture of folded washcloths. Maureen folded each of the washcloths, neatly stacked them, and put them on the couch for me (that's where I normally fold clothes). I thought she did good!

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