Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello all!

I'm writing today to say I'm taking a break from blogging. There are too many things going on that take priority over blogging! It's mostly time consuming going through pictures, downsizing them, then uploading them, and of course making comments. I can spend an hour, easy, if there's a good amount of pictures (especially now that Josephine has a camera and I'm having to weed through her pictures, too!!). Anyhow, this is Michael's last semester of school, his thesis and solo exhibition are due this semester, among a thousand other things, including applying for jobs. I need to spend my computer time helping Michael keep up with the jobs, doing as much of it as I can by myself (organizing the information for him, at least).

PLUS, ASSUMING that Michael get's a job for the fall of this year, we will (hopefully!) be moving out of this house to our new location, which means, PACKING. Lots of it!

I hope to post something at least once a month, but I'm not going to promise anything. In any case, I will e-mail everyone when I can get back to posting on the blog regularly, which may be several months (hopefully it will be in a new location wherever Michael's job is!).

My Dad is in the hospital again - he has blood clots in his lungs, and is still recovering from his previous lung illnesses. The hospital is giving him blood thinners and I hope he'll be going back home in a few days. Michael's grandfather is in the hospital, too, recovering from getting his spleen removed. I hope he'll be heading back home soon, too. Say your prayers for both of them and for Michael getting a job!

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Anonymous said...

you're right, the mom song is hilarious! Kathleen better watch it before she gets pregnant! She has a bunch of stuff to go through before she is able to get pregnant, so she said they will prob wait now until the fall - which at least makes sense. Hard to get a job when you're 5-6 mos. along. Time will tell. Got everyone over praying for Michael's job search, also his grandfather. Jennifer - your father's old friend Buddy Gable from Ala. called tonite and told him they were having a Mass said for him tonite at their church in Fairhope - I thought that was so nice of them; of course, I had to explain to him what that meant - all the prayers of that particular Mass were going up for him. He seemed touched by that. Got to go - love you all. Miss you guys so much! Bye for now. Mommie