Monday, November 17, 2008

Is that not the cutest little baby in the cutest jacket?
This picture was taken almost a year ago (december, 2007) at Michael's parents' home. We must have taken the picture while their was no "memory card" and the picture saved on the camera, itself... I just discovered the picture a few days ago by accident, but I'm so glad I found it! Isn't it hilarious?

Veronica will be 17 mo on the 21st of this month... she loves to count several times a day 1-10 and I wanted to catch it on tape. For whatever reason she decided to throw her cup at me in the end.

We pulled down our Christmas decorations last weekend... we will be gone for a lot of december, in LA, and then meeting midway to visit my parents, so I figured we could pull it out now so we can enjoy it more.

Jeanne, this one's for you :)

this is a cute singing bear that my parents bought for Josephine when she was a baby, and is still enjoyed by everyone!

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