Monday, November 10, 2008

Josephine lost her tooth last Saturday... or rather, it was pulled by Michael :)

Every Saturday morning/early afternoon I go to the library by myself... and then, sometimes to Walmart to get some groceries. This past Sat., while I was gone, Josephine asked Michael if she could watch a movie. Michael said "Sure, but you have to let me try to pull your tooth out... if it doesn't come out after the first try, i won't ask again today." Basically, Josephine finally said yes, Michael tried one time, and got it out on the first try! Michael said she cried for less than a minute, it hardly bled and Josephine said it didn't hurt much at all. I think the only reason she cried a little was because she wasn't expecting the tooth to actually come out - I think it kind of shocked her... we'd tried many times over the past few days, gently wriggling and pulling on the tooth. ANYWAY, it was a big moment for all of us. The first lost tooth of our oldest child! It seems silly to be excited about it, but I think it's like a rite of passage into being a "big kid," and I can't see my little Josephine as being anything other than "little!" Anyway, the tooth fairy came and gave her some money and a cute little note saying how proud she was of her. Josephine was very excited on Sunday morning and showed several people the next morning at her CCD class.

On another happy note, it's my birthday today! I'm a whopping 29 years old, almost to the big 30. We didn't celebrate today, it'll probably have to wait until this coming weekend. Michael is completely swamped w/ schoolwork and trying to apply for jobs.

Well, I'm off to fold clothes and then go to bed.

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