Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is the piece that the "Schering-Plough" foundation bought (about 3' x 4'). MCA's president's wife bought 2 smaller paintings similar to this one ("Louisiana landscapes), with different colorings. Michael sold a grand total of 12 paintings (out of 18)! We are thrilled, of course! Yeah, Michael! I hope we have this kind of luck with Michael finding a job for the Fall of 2009!

Here's a short video to show how crowded the walls were of paintings, and the floors with sculptures, pottery, jewelry, ect.... Michael took another video after this one, later in the night, and it was like 3 times more crowded, from wall to wall... he could hardly walk around! But one of his friends said a few words not suitable for children, so Michael wanted me to upload this one :)

The following video is one that he had to make for his Postmodernism philosophy class. Michael can spend a lot of time explaining every little detail... after he explains it, the video makes a lot more sense and has more meaning. I didn't really "get it" until he explained it to me... I couldn't tell you all that he said - I don't have the brain for it right now and it's late! Maybe he'll do it sometime later. I gave him the idea for the piece of music he chose...


Anonymous said...

Way to GO son!!!! That really was a unique display/blend of perfect colors. Love the painting!!! We're very proud of you and your successful carreer. Continue the great work, it getting
better abd better. We love you and miss the family, hopr to see all tomorrow....... Love Dad!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just lookin at that bear you have...when you decorate your house,can you post a picture? -MaDeLiNe